Opinion: Is It Time for BOP in R5?

Photo Credit: WRC.com
  • JMR

    Neither balance of performance formulae nor development freezes have ever reduced cost in any motorsport. Every team spends 100% of its budget every year, and they spend it in the areas that produce the greatest return on investment. If they cannot or do not need to improve car performance, the money will simply go to hospitality for VIPs or something else. Economic logic applies to motorsports just as it does to everything else. But the FIA doesn’t seem to understand that.

  • CT

    If there ever was a second tier with old R5 cars, it would never have prize money. Who would pay for that? So if you burn 100 000 of prize money on 4 rallies in an old R5 car you would just be left without a budget, no new prize money and probably without having impressed anyone. In Ingram’s case it would be better to use that 100 000 to do the Drive Dmack Trophy. Although often prize money is linked to a series, i.e. the 100 000 he won has to be used in R5 in either WRC or ERC. In that case a second tier wouldn’t work either. And lastly, you don’t rely on that prize money without additional sponsors to get a season budget.

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