All The (Monte) Feels

This is the week. It’s almost time. The teams have arrived in Gap, the service park is built, and recce has begun. We are just a day away from the start of the 2019 WRC season with Rallye Monte Carlo. To help us all get ready, I decided to put together a little video playlist to deliver your 2019 dose of the “Monte Feels”. Usually, I’m against most rallying videos set to music. Often times, they come across a bit cheap and corny. After all, the sound of a rally car popping and growling in the woods is all the music I need. However, some moments like this call for something a bit more, and that’s why I picked out these videos from the last 3 seasons. Something about beautiful scenes of Rallye Monte Carlo set to epic orchestral music and sound bites of the heroes of the WRC just gets me. Monte is so much more than just a rally. It’s the start of a new season with all the hopes and dreams that come with it. It is one of the spiritual homes of the sport with all the history it holds over the decades. It is beautiful and at the same time savage. I hope these videos well give you a sense of all this rally means and maybe even your eyes will water up just bit as you get all the Monte feels. Thanks to the producers of these clips for capturing all the emotion and passion of Rallye Monte Carlo.

Symphony Of Rallye Monte Carlo (2016)


Monte Heaven (2017)


Michelin Rallye Monte Carlo (2018)