Video: Rally Wales-meets-Finland which is in fact Sweden is still fun

After two short(ened) days of rallying in Sweden it’s easy to understand why we all wanted to see snow, and lots of it, on the forest stages. First up, we need and want a snow event, but maybe even more importantly we want full-length itinerary, with just enough stages and kilometers to give everyone a fighting chance and to put enough pressure on men and their machines. Although, cutting stages short or completely removing them has created a challenge of its own, a playground that is both unforgiving and inviting. Make a mistake and there is simply not enough time and kilometers for correcting it in the following stages. What stages?

So this year’s Rally Sweden looks more like Wales meets Finland with a slight sprinkle of snow on top, but that does not mean we were completely robbed of excitement and challenge. The guys in cars found enough fun and speed on the road, as you can see in this video, kindly sent to us by one WRC fan, Michal Hyzy. Just give them a road closed for traffic and tell them they can drive on it really, really fast, and you can be sure they’ll do just that. They had their fun, and I hope we had ours.

For me, I hope this year has been just a glitch in the matrix. Snow will return, and we really need this rally in our calendar. If only it were this simple in big bosses'(and sponsors’) minds.