PET videos from Croatia

A few days from now something almost unthinkable will happen. The best rally drivers in the world will compete on Croatian soil, taking part in round 4 of this year’s World Rally Championship season. And yet somehow it still didn’t sink in properly for many of us. But then, a couple of days ago pre-event testing videos started popping up on Youtube, and with them the familiar roads and scenery. The final “proof” of Croatia Rally really happening came in the form of photos many of my friends and die-hard rally fans took with drivers and co-drivers taking part in those PET sessions. That confirmed it for me – it is real.

Sadly, due to work and a plethora of other commitments, I have dropped out of the WRC game for way too long now, and things are actually so bumpy that I am not even sure I’ll be able to spectate on at least some of the stages. Still, hope remains and with it my desire to put together at least one free afternoon to spend it on some forest corner, camera in hand… just like the old days.

I really wish everyone taking part in Croatia Rally the best of luck. I also wish Croatia Rally remains a fixture on the calendar for the coming years. There is no shortage of rally fans and crazies in Croatia, even though we are better known for other sports, names of which I will not utter here. It’s a huge shame covid robbed us of a chance to welcome WRC fans on our stages, but for those that do make it through the walled-off borders, welcome and enjoy your time here.

Now, how do I make it to the stages? Should I call in sick? Or MIA?