Ideal WRC or rallying simulation, part one – co-driver

  • damien

    I think you’ve come up with good ideas but in my opinion, you’re pushing the concept a bit too far. For most people, taking pace notes and driving between stages can be very boring exercises.
    Keep in mind that for a game to be developed, it needs funding from a producer. And producers will only fund the projects targeting the widest audience.
    Your idea seems very elitist and thus it has very poor chances of seducing the video game industry.

  • Enzo Gaming

    Old thread, i know, but i’ve also thought of a perfect rally game myself, and here are my ideas in terms of the Co-Pilot:

    1.) As far as i know, the pacenotes are just a bunch of samples that get triggered if the player passes a certain point in the stage and are not recorded individually for every stage. So if a game has the official WRC license, why don’t the developers include the real Co-Pilots voices? Maybe they could just rip the pacenotes off of some onboards, or let the Co-Pilots record them themselves. I imagine such a recording session wouldn’t even last an hour per Co-Pilot and you wouldn’t even need a recording studio or the like. Although the majority of Rally gamers probably wouldn’t understand Finnish or French pacenotes, i could imagine there are quite some fans from those countries that do. And there are also some English speaking Co-Pilots for the rest (Paul Nagle would be my personal favourite). This would mean that an option to select a specific co-driver has to be included in the game (for example if you want to play as Ogier but don’t want french pacenotes) but that would be a very minor issue.

    2.) If a Rally game has something like a career mode, you could add some RPG-like elements for a Co-Pilot. For example, if you begin your career (and drive on easy stages where there are only few blind corners) you can get a Co-Pilot that is also relatively inexperienced. In the beginning, he (or she) may get irritated more easily and get out of rhythm if the driver makes mistakes or spectacular jumps and could even make wrong pacenotes, but the more the player uses him, the more experieced he gets and the less mistakes he makes. If the career mode has a built-in cash system (for buying new cars/upgrades or repairs) better Co-Pilots would more, etc.

    3.) Since basically every system you play rally games on is online nowadays, and nearly everyone has a smartphone or Tablet PC, why don’t connect those mobile devices with the game to enable a friend or member of the family to be a real Co-Pilot? Use the upper half of the device’s screen for a map of the Special Stage with a blinking dot resembling the position of the driver’s car and the lower half for pics of the pacenotes. The Co-Pilot could give the pacenotes either via headset (for online connections) or just sit near the driver and shout them in his ears. I imagine that this could also be a great way to hook other people on to Rally.

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