Mikko Hirvonen’s final WRC video: “The Last One”

So, you managed to hold your stuff together through first video, but let’s see how you manage with this one. The title alone will set you right up, “The Last One”. Yep, feel that lump in your throat growing? Now, tune the volume up, maximize to full screen and let Mikko take you for one last WRC ride. Oh, but that would make it easy, so instead of just driving through scenery, backed with epic music, you get to hear from people whose lives were touched by Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen kind presence. Team bosses, reporters, mechanics, PR guys, they have all lined up to say one final kiitos to Mikko and Jarmo. Can you tell me how big that lump in your throat is now? What was that, can’t hear you over all those manly tears.

There is a genuine fear in me, telling me that Mikko and Jarmo probably made their retirement call too early. There is still so much speed and skill in both of them, but what the hell do I know. We are always hungry for more, but only the guys in actual overalls know when it’s time to say goodbye.

Except that I still hope Mikko is far from over when it comes to competitive driving.