No WRC? No Problem!

  • Alvin Kato

    Excellent. It seems the organizers and the fans love rallying for what it is, as opposed to what is going in with the WRC where decisions are made based on what it “brings”…

    While it is good to think about the financial, fanbase side of things, it is possibly to have both without corrupting the nature of the sport. Am glad Ireland has found the balance and I hope it stays that way for good. In the meantime @jasonanthony, @wrblog:disqus, you guys need to start posting pictures of these events, one or two is not enough, we want the whole shebang! Start an instagram account if you can! We want to see more! :)

    • Revenger210

      I second the Instagram idea Alvin mentioned – we really do need more pics or even videos showcased that will make us fully understand why irish rallying is that much special in the global rallying community)

      • Jason Anthony

        Thanks for the feedback. Personally, I don’t consider myself that talented of a photographer or videographer. For that reason, I am hesitant to post much media. Writing is what I tend to rely upon. However, if you want to see some great footage, check out Flying Finn rally videos on YouTube. These guys do a great job of showcasing both the big and small teams in Ireland. They have been doing this stuff for years and are one of the best. All pure sound, no music, no slow motion, just proper footage from the stage side.

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