Video: Volkswagen Motorsport welcomes Toyota to WRC

Two years, it will take two years before we can finally see what Toyota can do in their return to WRC, but perhaps it won’t be a very long and boring wait after all. I mean, if Toyota and other WRC teams decide to throw fun and interesting things at us, and by things I...


Toyota, oh Toyota, welcome back to WRC

Of course, you’ve probably heard it by now, I barely had enough strength to endure till the start of the press webcast from Tokyo, the plan was to write a welcome post right after the webcast ended, but I got tricked and fell asleep. I slept like a baby, enjoying my happy thoughts because Toyota...


Oh lord won’t you buy me… a brand new Integrale?

Most of them are extinct, yes, much like the brand itself could soon be, but this world is full of surprises and well preserved iconic cars. All you need is money and even the most rarest of the rare could end up in your garage. The car in this post isn’t that rare, but it’s...


Video showing (too much of) Kubica’s SS14 off?

Rally drivers are known to be extremely creative and versatile people, which comes handy when you need to improvise while driving or fixing a broken car in the middle of nowhere during an event. It also helps to be creative in explaining certain tricky situations, offs and retirements, but today this fine are of storytelling...


Pirelli: “Kubica’s speed on all surfaces was exceptional”

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli impressed many with the performance of its tyres in tricky and demanding conditions during this year’s Rallye Monte Carlo. In their official report, they revealed some of the details concerning the pace Robert Kubica was able to reach when winning four special stages, including the 51,7 kilometer monster Lardier et Valenca...

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