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Meanwhile in Croatia… skiering!

This winter really turns out to be quite special – WRC event in Sweden had to cope with the lack of snow while at the same time Adriatic coastal towns got covered in it. In continental parts of Croatia motorsport enthusiasts were quick to react and an event was put together. End result: skiering (spelled...


Video: Joys of rallying in the snow, Orimattila Ralli 2012

Finns and Finland enjoy special reputation when it comes to rallying, and for a good reason. It’s not just about the top drivers and champions, but about the fans as well. Enthusiastic crowds can be seen around just about every single rally in Finland, no matter how big or small. It’s safe to say Finland...


Lancia Delta + snow = fun!

Our Google+ friend Sebastien Roux just posted video of his idea of winter fun and we can only agree! If you indeed own famous Lancia’s four wheel drive gem and roads outside are covered in snow it’s only natural you’ll take your Deltina out for a walk. We don’t have additional information about the location...


Video: Arctic Lapland Rally 2012, 7 videos!

These days it’s pretty easy to dislike winter and look forward to spring, but there is fun to be had in winter cold as well! Some ski, some skate, some just douse their chill in dangerous amounts of alcohol, but rally people do what they do best – rally! One of the most famous Nordic...


Video: Sno*Drift Rally review by Subaru USA

Subaru Rally Team USA released video review of this year’s edition of famous Sno*Drift Rally, held last weekend in Michigan, USA. Driving 2012 Subaru WRX STI experienced crew David Higgins and Craig Drew managed to score dominant victory on tricky stages. Click on MORE for more info from Subaru’s USA rally team and their video...