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The importance of Toyota’s comeback

This little blog cannot give young, talented drivers a chance to prove themselves, because we’re fresh out of rally cars. But what World Rally Blog can do is give young people, old people, any people a chance to share their thoughts and ideas on the sport we all love. David van den Boom asked if...


Video: Kris Meeke spends his winter nights in 6th gear

First of all, this doesn’t even look, or should I say feel, like snow driving. At all. No matter how effective winter tyres you put on your car before going out for some fun in the snow, the grip will never be THIS good. If anything, driving on the snow should be slower than driving...


Dani Sordo falls off the Rally Sweden entry list

This is exactly why every major WRC team must have plenty of drivers on board – you simply never know what is going to happen to any of them. If I say that drivers are like tyres, does that sound wrong? No? Splendid. So, drivers are like tyres, if one goes out of order, you...


In auction: Markko Märtin’s winning Focus WRC

In 2004 Markko Märtin and Michael Park scored two WRC wins in Corsica and Catalunya together with numerous top 10 finishes in that same year and in 2005. Their car, Ford Focus WRC sporting a Castrol livery. At the end of 2005 car was sold to Vodka Kick founder Steve Perez, who then took it...


The best sounding rally car in the world?

Current WRC machines may not sound as glorious as those belonging to the 1980s or earlier – instead of Ferrari’s engines in Lancia Stratos we now have 1.6 liter turbo fours with a slightly different kind of noise. Some say current cars’ engine noise is underwhelming, but it still does its job better than that...

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