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Meanwhile, Toyota Motorsport does Monte

Two years may sound like a whole lot of time, even if you are building a WRC team. Days turn into months and before you know it, it’s two years gone and you’re heading to your first proper WRC event. For any team, every day counts and every test session is important and valuable. During...


The splits are gone and they should never return

Yes, oh hundred times yes, I don’t miss splits in cars at all. They could have saved Jari-Matti Latvala today, that’s for sure, but would you really take them back, knowing that Jari-Matti would have lifted and then cruised to the end of the stage, instead of pushing to the max in order to beat...


Super specials should be free

Well done Pontus… but this was only to warm up the tyres and put some air in turbines. Of course, super specials are more than that and they can sometimes destroy someone’s rally, even if they’re sometimes shorter than 2 kilometers. As we know, sometimes one poorly judged step is all it takes to throw...


Latvala: “Consistency more important than victories”

Jari-Matti Latvala is the number 1 favourite to win in Sweden, after all, he already has three wins at this event under his belt. After finishing second in Monte Carlo, Latvala admits he is in a very good position as the WRC moves to his kind of surface. More importantly, a solid result in Sweden...


It’s all white at the moment, just the way we want it

This wait seems so long, doesn’t it? Even though only few weeks have passed since Monte Carlo, it feels like much longer, but that’s quite normal – once the season gets underway you just cannot help craving for just another special stage. In that regard, WRC fans are like Labrador Retrievers – you cannot feed...


The importance of Toyota’s comeback

This little blog cannot give young, talented drivers a chance to prove themselves, because we’re fresh out of rally cars. But what World Rally Blog can do is give young people, old people, any people a chance to share their thoughts and ideas on the sport we all love. David van den Boom asked if...

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