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Rally Germany makes history, issues official tabards to idiots?

This should be how your rally can lose its World Rally Championship event status, easily. Rally Germany has some of the most challenging roads and breathtaking vistas, but in terms of competitors, spectators and accredited (my favourite part) media safety, it’s lacking. Day one could have easily ended up in tears or worse. I hear...


The Tarmac Specialist: An Extinct Species?

We are now well into the countdown towards ADAC Rally Deutschland, quite possibly the best tarmac rally in the world at the moment. As the first true tarmac round in the WRC season, this one throws up a special challenge with the incredible variety that it offers. It almost seems like Rally Detuschland stole portions...


Mind the F***’n Bale!

As rally fans, it is easy to get sucked into the serious matters of the sport. We’ll spend hours thinking and talking about issues such as calendar changes, skyrocketing costs, and manufacturer involvement. At times, we’ll worry about the direction the sport may be taking and wonder about the health of rallying moving into the...


Now That’s a Proper (Superspecial) Stage!

Street stages, spectator stages, super-special stages… whatever you decide to call them, they all tend to have the same characteristics. Usually they are tight, narrow, slow, lined by concrete walls, and fairly uninspiring. The layouts on most of these stages don’t really do justice to the abilities of either the car or the crew. In...


The WRC’s budget issues, what are they?

Sometimes I just wish for those, who have access to the Powers behind the WRC, to ask the right questions, tricky questions, maybe even unpopular questions. I would really like to hear more about budget issues preventing the WRC from growing its calendar from 13 to 14 events, because that’s exactly what WRC Promoter’s Olivier...