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Hydrogen powered Toyota FCV rally car

Toyota may not be back in World Rally Championship yet, but all over the world various rally-related projects are keeping the link between Toyota and rallying alive. Some projects are more conventional and they focus on existing cars. Others are more elaborate in terms of research and development, and they are often exploring ideas not...


Video: You’re never too young to RBR

Konsta is 3 years old. He loves many things, as is normal for his age, and as you can imagine, he is constantly searching for new and exciting things to try and enjoy. After all, for a 3 year old, a world is a VERY big place, lined up with fantastic stuff. For example, his...


Let’s celebrate, here’s a Rally Legend 2014 video

The shoot-out is dead and it’s time for happy thoughts, optimism and creative ideas, we do hope WRC Promoter & Co. have plenty of each. In order to celebrate this victory of sport over odd interests, here’s a video featuring recent Rally Legend spectacle in San Marino. It’s one of those things you simply must...


Video: Love rally, but don’t be stupid about it!

There is really, and I mean REALLY REALLY, no need to comment this. In case someone needs help understanding the point, he or she should, for time being, stay away from special stages or motor sports in general. Please. As far as I can tell, nobody was hurt in this accident, which happened in Italy...


Rally Estonia working to accept 3-year ERC deal

This years biggest motorsport event in Estonia, also a part of the European Rally Championship – Rally Estonia, had an estimated 30 000 spectators. This number was gotten from mobile phone position tracking. The organizers hope to get the number up to 50 000 within a few years. “Actually, we were hoping for even more...