Neuville, Sordo & Paddon confirmed for Sweden

“Neuville, Sordo and Paddon will be Hyundai Motorsport’s main line-up for the coming season and they will take the start of all events unless announced otherwise.” I pulled out this sentence from the press release (which you can find below this post) as, to me, this is the most interesting part of this announcement. Originally,...


British Rally Championship returns to 4WD cars in 2016

All reasons against 4WD cars aside, it’s really the only sensible solution for British rallying, and I would think any rallying in general. If a country and its drivers can afford it, then by all means it should be 4WD cars, ideally built to latest specifications and supported by major car manufacturers that are not...


Video: When white is all you can see and the road goes missing

Sure, it’s easy to see the road from a helicopter, but it’s a bit different when you’re sat behind the wheel of a rally car, strapped so that you cannot move and peek over the hill or a crest, all while everything around you is equally white. It’s even worse if your helmet is actually...


Will Toyota start slow or flat out, with big driver names?

Officially, they’re still not in a position to confirm or deny anything, but things seem to be moving in the background all the time, suggesting Toyota is getting ready to launch a proper WRC programme in coming years. If that is indeed their plan, then we can be sure there’s a lot of preparation and...


Can you podium predict Monte? Because I surely can’t!

Entry lists can usually tell you a lot about an upcoming event, and if 2015 Monte list is anything to go by, then we’re in for one spectacular event, but again, aren’t we always. The incredible mix of conditions, road characteristics and weather, coupled with huge pressure to perform in front of traditionally huge number...

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