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Evgeny is Novikoff for 2014

Sorry about the clever title, I just had to. Evgeny Novikov will not take part in WRC events next year, at least not on regular basis. Some will say it’s only normal, given the amount of issues and disappointments Russian driver endured this year, while others will be at least a bit sad over the...


Twitter: Certain (unnamed) team complains over Kubica’s paddle shifter?

Drama, there must be some. But before I go any further, let me make it clear that I’m not drawing any kind of conclusions here, simply because there is very little information out there. Some names were mentioned, some rumours shared, but that’s about it. Sure, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but whether it’s a...


Fans to Citroën, Volkswagen and/or M-Sport: Paint ’em black!

The 2014 livery of Hyundai Motorsport’s i20 WRC is sweet and sexy, to me at least. But, as strange as it may sound, it’s the only one officially confirmed so far. While it’s likely that Volkswagen Motorsport, Citroën Racing and M-Sport will keep their existing liveries, with a tweak or two, nothing is official yet....


It’s “Dani Sordo in Hyundai” all over again – M-Sport to announce Hirvonen, Kubica & Evans tommoz?

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. It is also the last day for submitting entries for the 2014 Rallye Monte Carlo. And since we still haven’t heard from M-Sport and their plans for next year, it’s safe to assume this announcement will happen tomorrow. Why the long wait? Can things change in the very last minute?...


i20 WRC vs. Polo R WRC, spot the differences

I thought the position of the “N” decal at the rear of the i20 WRC looked somehow familiar, same as the hood one. But of course, it’s on Volkswagen Polo R WRC too. Just like Volkswagen is looking to cash in a bit on their WRC successes through the R line of cars, Hyundai plans...


Toyota spotted near the WRC

Do you know what day is today? The fact that it’s Friday is irrelevant, it’s not even important that it’s December 6th. No, today is the day we, once again, talk about Toyota, based on the yesterday’s (literally) news linking them with, can you guess, a return to the World Rally Championship. We often get...