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What is it about the WRC that scares FIA so much?

When silence is too heavy to bear, and you wish to speak more than anything else, what’s the best thing you can do? One thing comes to mind. You can speak! Which is exactly what everyone and anyone involved with running, watching, reporting or exploiting the WRC should do! In every sport there are avenues...


WRC goes all compact, sources claim

It’s one thing to run events in a more compact format, but it’s a whole new game if you decide to cram everything into one day. According to unnamed sources this is exactly what FIA plans for 2014 and beyond. By doing this, FIA hopes to attract more manufacturer and privateer teams. Current plans state...


Photo rally: Spanish selection, fashionably late

If you thought I probably forgot about this little feature called Photo Rally, you were wrong. I would never. Sometimes some things take more time then you originally planned. Sometimes some other things happen and catch you unprepared. Your priorities get shuffled around and schedule ends up tumbled and dismantled. Sure, you can say I...


Robert Kubica does not love nor respect rally? Really!?

For some things you can prepare in advance, for some you cannot. I was ready to hear some criticism regarding Robert Kubica’s apparent lack of enthusiasm after he won the WRC2 title today, but nothing prepared me for the all out attack on the Polish driver, claiming he does not respect nor love rally. Furthermore,...


Can this fix the starting order row? Point on stages and/or more power stages

Just as crews were making their way towards the overnight service I had a pleasure of discussing one very interesting matter with one of America’s most distinguished rally enthusiasts, Steven Harrell. On Twitter he is known as @DVMSteve, and I for one think that “D” stands for “decimal”. Why’s that, you ask. Maybe because Steven...


Sordo speaks, but who cares?

Not long ago I was asked to write a preview for Rally Espana for Oppositelock of Jalopnik and in that preview I wrote a bit about the starting order for this event’s final day. The fact was, I had no idea what the starting order will be like, I simply assumed the crews will start...