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Will Peugeot take over WRC programme from Citroën?

Recently several high profile companies (Fiat, Toyota, Hyundai…) ended up on the pages of specialized WRC and motorsport media with suggestions about their possible future involvement in the World Rally Championship. Of course, in most cases stories are based on rumors or fan fiction, but it’s not that hard to imagine successful brands being interested...


Poll: Subaru wins ahead of Lancia and Opel

Not surprisingly Subaru still enjoys huge popularity among rally fans and according to World Rally Blog’s poll, fans would love to see Japanese brand back in the World Rally Championship. Well, when I say “huge” I don’t really mean it based on the still-modest turnout to this poll, but the overall feeling and emotions of...


Ideal WRC or rallying simulation, part one – co-driver

Some time ago I wrote a bit about the game they call “official WRC game” but which is, in my opinion, pretty much garbage with only the customer support being worse than the game itself. First one, released in 2010, was bad, and the sequel only reiterated that despite claims about improvements across the board....

How to bring “Live” to the World Rally Championship? 6

How to bring “Live” to the World Rally Championship?

It’s quite odd that rally, or rather World Rally Championship, still lingers in the 80s or 90s when it comes to TV coverage and taking advantage of modern communication infrastructure. And the infamous daily 30 minute reports with nothing else in between. So, full day of rallying and all the drama and excitement and flair...

More info on Accreditation procedure for websites 0

More info on Accreditation procedure for websites

With FIA still sticking to North One Sport for handling of accreditation requests made by electronic media, we had to look elsewhere for answers. Logically, next step would be to visit official websites of World Rally Championship events. And that did it.

The quest for the Holy Accreditation Grail 1

The quest for the Holy Accreditation Grail

Teams change, drivers change, rallies change and cars change, but some things, like the speed of light or the FIA’s “Principles & Procedures” for media accreditation are not subject to alterations of any kind. Ever. This is even more evident if you get so incredibly brave and ask for media accreditation for a website. After...


WRC on TV: Special effects vs. quality content

World Rally Championship is not out of the woods yet, despite FIA’s claims about solution being within reach. Two weeks before the third rally of 2012 WRC season we’re still not sure who will be put in charge of media promotion and TV coverage of this undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the...


Video find: Audi S1 tribute

There’s no doubt in my mind about the group B cars – they are the monsters from the legends, glorious and dangerous machines that only the chosen few ever had a chance to tame. Or rather, try to tame. One of the most iconic representatives of this wild and unique period in the history of...