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Sights and sounds of 2013 Rally Legend

Group B cars, group A cars, first WRC cars, modern WRC cars, rally cars, cars! It’s Rally Legend, the annual gathering of drivers, cars and spectators, celebrating the rich and exciting history of the sport. When Audi S1 storms past you, closely followed by Lancia Delta HF, you know you’re in a special place. This...


Video: Rally Bug in the green paradise, it’s… soothing

Perhaps I am just a bit sleepy, or it’s because the day is overcast and a bit slow, but for some reason I find this video amazing. That little old Volkswagen just keeps going, her clutch slipping, but she’s not giving up. What about the scenery? What scenery, I hear you say. But that’s precisely...


Rally America is crossing the pond?

Or rather, we (meaning Europe and its surroundings) are crossing the pond to take part in the Rally America series, if rumours spreading around the rallysphere are true. And they just might be. According to those rumours, more British rally drivers may join Rally America champion David Higgins next year. But it does not stop...


The WRC clock is ticking for Ott Tänak

Estonian magazine Postimees published an article discussing the WRC options for Estonian hopeful, WRC podium winner and multiple national champion Ott Tänak. World Rally Blog’s friend and Estonian correspondent Karli Pikk took some time to translate the main bits and put together this post. Read on.


Is this the new Renault Clio R3? Or R5? WRC even?

Can it be? Can it really be? Is Renault really working on a rally version of the new Clio, and working at a factory capacity? According to this tweet by Benoît Dupont, Sporting manager at Renault Sport Technologies, company is indeed working on some kind of racing, or rather rallying version of Clio. But what...

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